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Capsule Burial Regions

Remember the Future
- ongoing

Remember the Future is an ongoing project that serves a two-fold purpose: to act as an unsanctioned memorial site for past traumatic events, and to become a potential warning for the future's contemporaneous moment. Time capsules fabricated out of stainless steel are buried underground at randomly selected locations around the globe (as shown on the map above.) Each burial site is memorialized by a permanent concrete block equipped with a solar panel and bronze plaque. Every plaque reads, "From the point of this plaque: one-hundred and eighty-two point eighty-eight centimeters deep. Constructed by the Janus Project." Contained within each time capsule is a single audio and/or visual alarm with a laminated note indicating its alleged burial date. The solar panels attached to the concrete blocks supply continual power to the alarms, allowing them to run perpetually for an indefinite amount of time.

Each capsule's alarm is chosen to specifically reference moments of historical importance relative to their geographical placement. The precise locations of each buried capsule will not be disclosed publically for the purpose of keeping their discovery accidental. Hence, its future resurrection is up to chance. The depth of each capsule's meaning will be realized by its relevancy to the moment of its unearthing, in turn affecting how history is read into the object. Overall, it is hoped that the project instills a sense of urgency for both the present and the past.

This project has been made possible by an anonymous donor.


Chris MansourRemember the Future capsule, New York